How to Fix AC When it’s Leaking Water

Have you been noticing that your air conditioner is leaking water? This basically happens due to unclean AC filters or poor AC installation. At the same time as a small amount of water dripping is ordinary, excessive leakage isn’t always. So, are you wondering how to restoration AC? Study on to recognize what are the alternative causes of your AC leaking water and how to take care of this trouble.

How to Fix AC When it’s Leaking Water

4 Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking and How to Fix It

How much water leakage is normal?

If you notice low quantity of water, some drops to be precise, falling from your AC, you would like not worry. This happens particularly if you reside in a very popular and wet place. Condensation happens at a quicker pace and residual water drips off often. The number of water being sufficiently little gets dried up by the warmth around.

What causes excessive water to leak from the AC?

1. Unclean filter of the AC: Every AC has an air filter. This air filter filters out the mud and dirt from the atmosphere and allows only the clean air to induce in to the house. The AC filters, therefore, need to be cleansed regularly. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the evaporator coils of the cooling system get frozen and this results in the excess water to spill inside.

2. Damaged condensate tray: The condensate tray of the AC collects the condensed water. If but the receptacle is broken, rusted or broken, the water can flow through it and leak into the area once the air condition is running.

3. Blocked drain pipe: The drain pipes of the AC carry the water out of unit. If but there square measure massive blocks in these pipes, the water accumulates and starts to drip from the air conditioner’s body.

4. Incorrect installation: If you have got associate degree AC that’s comparatively new or has simply been maintained, then you need to check if it the AC installation has been done properly or not. Incorrect or faulty AC installations usually result in water leakage. If there’s a gap between the units and also the condensation tray or a drain pipe is exposed, the condensed water will start dripping into the room. So be careful when installing the AC and acquire it fixed properly.

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